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In a sea of hosting providers, why choose SystemFreaks?

That’s easy: because we’re miles ahead of our competitors in so many ways. And here are just a few.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

As in 99.99% uptimes. Because, seriously, nothing else about your host or your site matters if your site is down. Period.

Service beyond compare

We understand the intricacies of tech hosting inside out. Our commitment to technical excellence is non-negotiable. We'll go to any lengths to deliver on our promise, ensuring seamless and robust hosting solutions.

100% fully managed services

We don’t give you a tutorial and tell you good luck. We help with everything: technical configuration, optimization, security procedures, backups, migrations and more. Because you’re not in the web hosting business. We are.

Competitive Pricing

We provide the full spectrum of hosting options akin to major hosting companies, but at a lower cost, and our service surpasses them by a mile. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or charges – transparency is our commitment.


We ensure you receive the ideal hosting package tailored to your specific needs. Should your requirements evolve, worry not. Upgrade or downgrade at any time; we adapt to your changing needs seamlessly

Money Back Guarantee

We're committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services and support. Our confidence is so high that we provide a 30-day, no-hassle money-back guarantee for our new offerings. We're ready to move heaven and earth to exceed your expectations.

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Meet SystemFreaks

Founded in 2011 by two friends driven by a shared vision to elevate hosting services, SystemFreaks stands out for its unique approach. With passion and expertise, our team ensures exceptional website care. We love what we do, and our motivation lies in delivering outstanding service. Overcoming challenges others find impossible, we make website management easy for our clients.

Our Network

We operate in data centers located in USA, Canada France and UK and are connected to multiple 10-gigabit backbones across the globe. By utilizing high-quality bandwidth providers, we guarantee optimal connections worldwide.

Our Service

Since our founding, our singular mission has been to provide high-quality, fully managed hosting services backed by personalized, comprehensive and impeccable service that blows our customers away.

Our People

While we boast top-notch hardware and software (which we certainly do), our true strength lies in our people. With more than a decade of experience in the hosting industry, many of our team members have been with us since the beginning. Their expertise isn't just about getting the job done; it's about surpassing expectations with a drive unmatched by anyone else.

Our Promise

Hosting a company’s website is a significant responsibility. For many of our customers, their site is not just a webpage; it's their business, their sole source of revenue, and their vital link to customers. Our commitment to each customer is unwavering — to deliver the most reliable, responsive, and affordable hosting services, ensuring 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time.