Content Delivery Network CDN

A CDN is crucial for seamless, global access to your web applications. Our fully managed CDN Infrastructure is the ideal choice, whether you're using a dedicated server, VPS, or WebHosting. It ensures fast, reliable, and optimized performance worldwide.

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International coverage

Present on both sides of the Atlantic, our service offers you an efficient loading of your site in Europe as well as in the United States.

Boosted caching

The CDN Infrastructure solution constantly analyses your website's content and ensures that your cache is always up to date.

Statistics and logs

Be able to analyze your service consumption, several hit/miss ratio metrics and view your real-time logs.

Anycast routing

Your website’s traffic is redirected to the nearest PoP infrastructure, or an infrastructure that will deliver a quicker response.

Management interface

Configure your products and services through our simplified, centralized interface using SystemFreaks's Control Panel or APIs.

Data compression: Brotli

Reduce the amount of data transferred and speed up your website's loading time using Gzip and Brotli algorithms.

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SystemFreaks makes it simple to get your CDN up and running smoothly.

Frequently asked questions

CDN is particularly adapted to professionals with international websites, or those wishing to develop their business internationally, without having to deploy a complex infrastructure. CDN adapts to any type of website: e-commerce, content sharing, news, blogs, etc.